Cruise Dialysis

Poem : The Cruise Ship Ahoy

Imagine life aboard a cruise ship. waking up everyday in a new sun-kissed destination with your worries long forgotten, and nothing to do but enjoy the trip. Sheer escapism… and why not? Here’s a poem for you…

I want to go where the cruise ship goes

Where coast lines avail you as you put up your toes.

Sunsets, unencumbered, softly settle for me

As I gaze with contentment way over the sea.

On board I encounter life with slower pace

Sipping wine on the deck with a smile on my face.

Dress up for dinner, and chat among friends

Let all cares leave my head as the journey extends.

Captain’s commentary welcome over tannoy this morn

He talks of the dolphins he spotted at dawn…

And tells of the next port we’re heading for now.

Grab sunscreen and shades as I mop at my brow.

It’s a gem, this vacation, and once I’m unpacked,

My floating hotel has my routine jam packed.

A pleasure each day to encounter new things

Emotional excursions which history brings.

An abundance of cultures and breath taking finds

I soak up the moment, enriched focused minds.

The crew cover everything, dedication indeed

Somehow pre-empting my every need.

This colourful concoction of fun lifts our hearts

As we sample contentment when each port departs.

I give you the cruise ship; go sample and see

Life’s reward for the soul? Well it works great for me.