Cruise Dialysis


NX Stage 1 (1)

The NxStage System One helps makes home therapy more accessible. It is the only truly portable haemodialysis system cleared for home use during the day or overnight. The System One was designed to provide simplicity, flexibility and portability to make home haemodialysis a practical reality, without compromising safety.

It’s simplicity and compact size are intended to allow easy use in patients’ homes and give patients the opportunity to travel with their therapy.  The NxStage System One is designed to be portable and taken with you when you travel. The PureFlow SL is not designed for travel, so you’ll use premixed bagged dialysate when you travel.

When it comes to cruising NX Stage users have two choices.  The first choice is to sail with a fully qualified haemodialysis team onboard or alternatively there are cruise ships where the cruise line will allow you to travel without a dialysis team onboard.

Obviously we would always recommend that you travel with a dialysis team onboard however if you choose not to then you can still cruise providing that your nephrologist approves and you have been stable on your dialysis treatments for a prior of at least 12 months prior to sailing.  We will guide you through the booking process and take care of your cruise reservation for you.  Cruises are available from Southampton and also Worldwide.

Patients are responsible for transporting their System One cycler. Soft cases and hard cases are available from NX Stage for travel.

NxStage technical support is available when you travel.

For further information please contact us on 0844 995 1214 or alternatively click here.