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Turkish Delights

East meets West, the mountains meet the sea: Turkey is a country of incredible diversity and history, of spectacular sights, sounds, tastes and people. Read on to learn about some top attractions and best-kept secrets. As well as the Fresenius Medical Care centres available for holiday dialysis.

Whether it is Istanbul’s cosmopolitan flair you are after, a relaxing beachside stay in the tourist centre of Antalya, or a historical and cultural tour and hot air balloon ride through Cappadocia, there is something for everyone in Turkey.

And thanks to Fresenius Medical Care’s excellent NephroCare dialysis centres scattered throughout the Mediterranean wonderland – including in popular tourist regions – you can enjoy a relaxing holiday here with the peace of mind that your level of care will be of the same standards and quality as at home.

Magical Istanbul

Strategically located on the Bosporus – the strait that officially divides the continents of Europe and Asia – Istanbul is placed in a breath-taking setting entirely surrounded by water. Traces of each of its three empires are scattered through the city in the form of palaces, castles, mosques, churches and monuments.

The city’s famous sights

The Hagia Sophia, a building that  served as both a church and a mosque throughout its centuries-long history, is considered one of the city’s most beautiful architectural constructions. Nearby is the famous Blue Mosque with its eye-catching roofline. The structure was originally constructed to rival the Hagia Sophia.

Many visitors to Istanbul indulge in an afternoon of pure relaxation at one of the famous Ottoman bathhouses. Of course, a visit is not complete without wandering the city’s maze of colourful streets and bazaars, and taking in the exciting mix of sights, smells and tastes. If you get hungry, be sure to try some fried anchovies (hamsi), simit, a ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds, as well as a best-loved meze, small plates similar to tapas

Lovely Antalya and surroundings

Home to many popular seaside resorts along the Turkish Riviera, Antalya, the name of both the area’s capital city and the region, offers a lovely mix of historical charm, stunning mountains and perfect beaches. Visitors to the city of Antalya looking to do more than just relax will appreciate a stroll through Kaleiçi, the city’s historical centre. One popular attraction and landmark: an old stone clock tower from the Ottoman Empire. Hadrian’s Gate, named after a Roman emperor, is a triumphal arch called “three gates” in Turkish represents another beautiful sight with ornate detail and a fascinating history.

Off to the seaside

Just as the country of Turkey appeals to a wide range of tastes, the region of Antalya offers a beach for everyone.

The tourist hub called Lara beach

Those looking for a bustling resort area, complete with amenities, restaurants, beach clubs and entertainment 24/7 will love the famous Lara beach. Hotels here are fun for young and old: many are replicas of world-famous sights, including the Kremlin and Venice. This sandy beach is the perfect place for strolling, playing a wide variety of sport and people watching.

Spotlight on: Antalya

Ideally located on the Turkish Riveria, Antalya is a year-round hub for many Europeans visiting the region. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this dialysis centre:

  • Situated in one of Antalya’s elegant residential neighbourhoods
  • Features three dialysis rooms on two floors with beautiful views of the pool
  • Specifically designed for holiday dialysis in a relaxing environment
  • English, German, French, Dutch and Russian speaking staff

Patara –Turkey’s longest strip of sand

Away from Antalya’s main tourist areas are many secluded beaches. 18-kilometre-long Patara beach, the longest beach in all of Turkey, is a natural gem located in a national park. The soft sand and shallow water are the perfect breeding ground for an indigenous species of turtle that lives and nests there. Since the turtles have become endangered, strict rules have governed the beaches use and limit development, thereby preserving this spectacular natural sight.

Otherworldly landscapes in Cappadocia

In a landlocked area of central Turkey known as Cappadocia, meaning “land of the beautiful horses”, are some of the country’s most famous and spectacular tourist sights. Here surrealistic landscapes like nowhere else on earth abound – making a detour here worth the trip. The terrain is not always easy for walkers or low-key hikers, so do like many tourists do and board a hot air balloon to take in the spectacular fairy tale landscape from above.

Many underground cities are also sprinkled throughout the region. The deepest one, Derinkuyu, descends a remarkable eight stories below ground level. Nearby villages, with names like Göreme, Avanos, Ürgüp, are located among the “fairy chimneys”, and are charming and quaint.