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Golfing on the Europa2

Your golf vacation to the most beautiful places in the world

On which golf cruise will you be overseen by an experienced golf pro every single day? And on which golf cruise will you discover the world’s most beautiful golf courses and play great rounds of golf in scenic settings without ever needing to change hotels? On golf cruises with the EUROPA 2, this is all a matter of course. Dream cruises spanning the world’s oceans will allow you to visit attractive golf courses across the globe, and you can look forward to tee times in Townsville, fairways in Funchal, putts in Port Elizabeth and bunkers on Bali. Opting to enjoy your favourite sport in this way offers the perfect – and most beautiful – type of cruise.

Golf & Cruise – the unique union of two passions

Welcome to Golf & Cruise – when the best cruise ship in the world meets the most interesting greens around the globe. A round of golf and a cruise have much in common. They offer many surprises, make lasting impressions and bring new acquaintances. On the exclusive Golf & Cruise voyages we have reserved the best greens for you. Golfers with a handicap of –36 or better can play on these first-class courses alongside PGA professionals. While at sea, the golf simulator and modern video analyses invite you to perfect your technique. The Golf & Cruise voyages are rounded off by friendly get-togethers on board, where you can meet up and talk shop to your heart’s content with the pros and fellow golfers.

Golf & Cruise package
(only bookable prior to the cruise, at a surcharge)

  • Welcome cocktail
  • First-class support from PGA professionals on board and on the course (daily coaching)
  • Baggage service, shoe shining and golf club cleaning
  • Individual training at the golf simulator and video coaching
  • Warm-up on the driving range, including balls (if available and if time permits)
  • Green fees and trolleys (e-carts subject to availability)
  • Transfer to and from the golf course with an English-speaking tour guide
  • Typical local halfway snack
  • The ideal golfer’s breakfast – tips on nutrition from a PGA golf pro
  • Presentations and personal tips from the PGA golf professionals
  • EUROPA 2 golf gift set
  • Exclusive dinner with a PGA golf professional

Training on board 

Would you like to tee off on the world’s best courses every day? The cutting-edge golf simulators with integrated video analysis on the EUROPA 2 make it possible – even as part of a personal training session with the on-board PGA golf professional (subject to a surcharge). This will allow you to improve your swing and spend days at sea enjoying the finest sport in the world even when not ashore.

The advantages of playing in a golf simulator and of using video analysis for training are obvious: your individual stroke technique can be improved using the video analysis equipment and the newly acquired knowledge can be applied immediately in a game in the simulator – it just couldn’t be more effective. Electronic measurement of the flight of the ball detects any deviations from the ideal moment of impact, while video analysis shows where the problem lies in the address position or in the swing. This way, you receive direct feedback on your golf swing and can mentally compare the image with your physical stance.

 Logical Golf

Logical Golf helps to improve the training offered on board MS EUROPA 2. The training modules allow you to gain a better feel for golf techniques and complex movements, to understand the mechanics and thus to implement what you have learned much quicker. Linking this with our fitness area is particularly helpful. Together with our on-board fitness trainers, we can help many golfers to improve their golf core stability with targeted Logical Golf exercises and to enjoy the golf experience even more.