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Dialysis Information

You may be entitled to full or part reimbursement of the cost of your dialysis sessions and you may also qualify for a grant from Kidney Care UK of £1000.  Please keep reading for more information. The cost of your haemodialysis onboard and the Administration Fee are shown below.
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Cost of Dialysis, total per cruise, including Administration Fee (see information below) 

Southampton Departures

  • 4 night cruise $2000 USD total (approx £1667)
  • 7 night cruise $5600 USD total (approx (£4667)
  • 8 night cruise $6800 USD total (approx £5667)
  • 11 night cruise $8000 USD total (approx £6667)
  • 12 night cruise $9200 USD total (approx £7667)
  • 13 night cruise $9200 USD total (approx £7667)

Overseas Departures

  • 4 night cruise $3900 USD total (approx £3250)
  • 7 night cruise $5100 USD total (approx (£4250)
  • 8 night cruise $6300 USD total (approx £5250)
  • 11 night cruise $75000 USD total (approx £6250)
  • 12 night cruise $8700 USD total (approx £7250)
  • 13 night cruise $8700 USD total (approx £7250)
Administration Fee
This is a one-off charge payable by the patient (see information below) of  $2000 USD (approx £1646) for Southampton departures and $1500 (approx £1209) for overseas departures.  This fee is included in the costs above.
Cost of Haemodialysis
Your dialysis sessions will take place in the dedicated Dialysis Suite onboard the ship.  You will be looked after from the beginning to the end of your cruise by a qualified Nephrologist and nurses who will be onboard for the duration of your cruise.  Please note each cruise can only accommodate 12 patients therefore we would suggest a booking is secured as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  The TOTAL cost (not per session) of your dialysis treatments for the cruise is shown above.  You may be entitled to part or full reimbursement of the cost of your dialysis sessions.  Please see the information in the “Reimbursement for Dialysis Sessions” section below.
Administration Fee Charge
The provision of haemodialysis onboard cruise ships incurs various costs including the logistics involved in transporting the equipment and staff to the ship, setting up the dialysis unit onboard, the cost of providing the accommodation for the dialysis team and dialysis unit onboard the ship and the extensive medical liability insurance required.  Additional costs include collating and processing the patient’s medical documentation, liaison with the patient’s dialysis unit and the onboard dialysis team’s review of the medical records.  To contribute towards these costs there is a Administration Fee charged to the patient.  This Administration Fee is payable at the same time as your cruise deposit.  The Administration Fee is non-refundable under any circumstance except if we were to cancel your cruise then the Administration Fee will be carried forward to a future cruise.
Reimbursement for Dialysis Sessions
For UK Residents : If the majority of ports visited during your cruise are within the European Economic Area (EEA) then you will be reimbursed the amount of the National Tariff which we understand to be approximately £150 per dialysis session – your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator at your Dialysis Unit will advise you of the exact amount. For Residents of Wales : The Health Commission Wales may meet the cost of your dialysis onboard, please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator. For Residents of Scotland : Your dialysis unit may meet the cost of your dialysis sessions, please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator. For Residents of Ireland : Please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator or your private medical insurance. For Overseas Residents : Please check with your Dialysis Unit.
Kidney Care UK (formerly BKPA) Grants
Adults and families living in the UK who are affected by kidney disease and unable to pay the full cost of a holiday can apply to Kidney Care UK for a grant of £1000.  To apply for a grant please contact your Dialysis Unit social worker or a member of your kidney care team.  If a member of staff cannot assist you please contact the Kidney Care UK Support Worker on 01420 541424.
It is a requirement that you hold full comprehensive travel insurance cover that is valid for the entire duration of your holiday and provides health cover for Covid-19, all pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation and the cost of medical repatriation.  Failure to hold an appropriate travel insurance policy may result in you being refused boarding.  Please ensure you take copies of your insurance with you in case you require medical assistance. If you are a UK resident, to arrange travel insurance you may wish to contact one of the companies shown below.  If you are an overseas resident please contact a local insurance provider.  You are, of course, welcome to use a company of your own choice. All Clear Insurance on 01708 339121, please quote reference CRD Makesure on 0203 873 6718.


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