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Your first time sailing with Celebrity Cruises? You have a contemporary cruise experience laced with luxury to look forward to. The Celebrity fleet is one of the youngest in the industry offering a wide choice of restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs with so many unique itineraries to choose from. 

Modern luxury awaits you onboard your Celebrity Cruise ship with a unique combination of first-class accommodation, live entertainment, exceptional cuisine and warm, intuitive service.


Up to 12 mouthwatering eateries and cafés on each ship; from the Tuscan Grille’s robust Italian flavours, to modern French cuisine at Murano and the uniquely unordinary Qsine.

celebrity main-dining-hero-1600x900_tcm27-80765

Every ship in Celebrity’s 11- strong fleet is equipped with high quality facilities and luxury amenities, to make your holiday deliver a superior level of comfort. With every ship comes a brand new experience, thanks to the huge variety of activities, onboard events and dining options.murano-hero-1600x900_tcm27-80768

With one staff member to every two guests, Celebrity’s personal service anticipates your every need.  In your stateroom, outside by the pool, in the Aquaspa, anywhere at all.

celebrity aquaspa-3-1600x900_tcm27-82197

Relax in the Aquaspa

At any time, Celebrity’s onboard crew goes the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your cruise is just the way you want it.

celebrity interiorstateroom-1-1600x900_tcm27-82512

Interior Cabin

celebrity oceanviewroom-1-1600x900_tcm27-80720

Cabin with Window

celebrity concierge-1-1600x900_tcm27-80715

Cabin with Balcony

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Please note that the photographs shown above are for a guide only and your cabin may vary from the images shown.