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Idyllic Aegean Cruise & Steps of Paul Aegean Cruise Back to Back onboard Celestyal Experience sailing from Athens, Greece, 8 October 2022, 14 nights, fares from £3313

Small Ship Authentic Greek Cruises onboard Celestyal Experience

We are delighted to introduce you to Celestyal Cruise’s brand new flagship, the Celestyal Experience.  Take advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later Option and reserve your cabin and dialysis place onboard.

The Celestyal Experience offers spacious suites and staterooms, a thalassotherapy spa, healthy Mediterranean food and, of course, renowned Greek hospitality.

Features include four restaurants, seven bars and lounges, two pools, two jacuzzis, a beach club, sundeck and jogging track. The ship also has nightly entertainment with a casino and a library, meeting rooms and onboard boutiques.


Greeks have a penchant for generosity and fine cuisine and as ambassadors of hospitality, Celestyal Experience’s amiable staff welcome you onboard to indulge in authentic recipes, premium beers, fine wines and selected spirits.

With the all-inclusive drinks package, wholesome meals three times a day, a full program of entertainment, and excellent amenities, life onboard has everything you could wish for.

During your time with Celestyal, your stateroom Steward will provide room service and a handpicked selection of included shore excursions ensure you see the most iconic archaeological sites without having to pay additional fees.

All Inclusive – Your cruise includes 4 complimentary shore excursions, unlimited drinks package and prepaid gratuities (tips).



Suite and Wellness class guests are granted exclusive access to the onboard beach club – as tranquil and classy as any chill-beach club in Greece.

The adults-only area allows you to relax in premium comfort, laze around the pool, shade in a private cabana and soak up the beguiling panoramic views of the Greek Isles.



The Celestyal Experience boasts a range of premium accommodation options and a first-classpersonal service to match.  Almost all of the comfortable staterooms have a private balcony where you can kick back and relax and enjoy ocean views or gaze at the stars.

The six Grand Suites boast large terraces where you can enjoy breakfast served by your personnel concierge. Fresh towels and toiletries are provided twice a day and amenities are provided including adjustable air-conditioning, hairdryer, security box, TV and refrigerated minibar.


With seven ambient bars and lounges aboard the Celestyal Experience, you have the option to choose whilst you sip the complimentary drinks and selected wines.  Relax as you watch the sunset over pristine landscapes, mingle with other guests or enjoy the romance of the glittery night sky.

The sumptuous tastes of the Mediterranean are the signature dining experience and there are extra-special delicacies for you aboard the Celestyal Experience.  The world-class chefs will tempt and delight you with a wide range of dishes from Greek grills, authentic wood-oven pizzas, healthy deli options and vegetarian dishes. There are also specialty dishes from the chef’s mouthwatering personal menu.


You don’t have to venture to the restaurants to enjoy the delectable recipes abroad the Celestyal Experience.  Take advantage of room service and enjoy a romantic dinner or family meal in private.


In addition to the wide selection of all-inclusive menu, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your dining experience and sample the chef’s exclusive dishes for an additional fee.


The complimentary drinks package invites you to enjoy premium beers together with a solid selection of delicious wines and spirits.


Retreat into a tranquil personal space in the expansive panoramic spa complete with thalassotherapy baths, massage rooms, saunas, thermal suites – and stunning panoramic views.

A fully-equipped gym also enables you to maintain your fitness program.


When you’re surrounded by the beauty and romance of the Greek Islands it is understandable that you may want to look and feel glamorous.

The onboard expert beauticians, hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists will sprinkle you with a touch of magic.



Celestyal’s range of onboard services ensures you have access to everything you need.  Browse through the selection of shops for last-minute shopping and gift ideas, check-in back home using telephone or wi-fi and ask the professional photographer to capture your special moments.


Celestyal Experience is the only way to experience Greece in a few days. 


The Idyllic Aegean and the Steps of Aegean Back to Back Cruise

Discover the rich history, fascinating culture and sumptuous cuisine of the sun-soaked Greek Islands.  With vivid landscapes to explore, the 7 night Idyllic Aegean cruise invites you to indulge in traditional flavours, admire stunning landscapes and explore charming villages.  Guided visits to the Medieval Acropolis of Lindos and the intriguing city of Ephesus, one of the best preserved archeological sites in the Eastern Mediterranean are included.  This special cruise takes you on a romantic and effortless Odyssey to sun-soaked shores, quaint fishing villages and iconic historical sights.  With overnight stops in the stunningly beautiful and buzzing islands of Santorini and Mykonos, you will have the opportunity to discover hidden secrets and indulge in an authentic experience of Mediterranean cuisine and the classic Greek lifestyle.

The epic journey of St Paul tells of many trials and tribulations.  His teachings inspired countless followers and were the inspiration behind The Temple of the Artemis in Ephesus – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  However, his journey also incited riots and the Apostle was forced to flee from angry merchants.  The Steps of St Paul cruise takes you on a mesmerising journey of your own and recounts fascinating insights into St Paul’s experiences along his journey – plus much more!  Discover the romance and mystery that surrounds the ancient worlds of Greece and Turkey, and visit iconic landmarks including Hagia Sophia, the Acropolis and the Holy Grotto of the Apocalypse.  For history buffs that love an adventure the Steps of St Paul is an enchanting experience that offers much more than a typical run-of-the-mill cruise.


Thessaloniki (Greece), Kavala (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Dikili (Turkey), Kusadasi (Turkey), Patmos (Greece), Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Canakkale  (Turkey), Thessaloniki (Greece), Volos (Greece), Santonini (Greece), Athens (Greece)

Complimentary Shore Excursions

  • Ancient Ephesus through the Ages, level of difficulty (3) 4.5hours
  • Includes bus and guide.
This is a wonderful journey through some of the most important and informative periods of history and we hope you will be enthralled by the stories of the Hellenes, Romans, the Ottomans and of Christianity during your fascinating exploration of Ephesus.
This marvellous city, sitting on the hills outside Kusadasi is a fabulous open air archaeological wonder founded by the Greeks around 2000BC.  It was one of the most important cities of the region and was dedicated to the goddess Artemis.
  • Medieval Tour – Acropolis of Lindos and the Citadel of the Knights, level of difficulty (3) 4.5 hours
  • Includes guide and bus transfer

Lindos is situated 40 miles (55km) from the city of Rhodes and ‘bears’ above it the Acropolis of Lindos, with the ancient Temple of Athena, built in 300B.C.  In the centre of the village lives and breathes the Church of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) of Lindos, with frescoes from the 15th century.


Ascend to the Acropolis of Lindos.  Here lies the Temple of Athena, of Doric order, which was erected on the location of an older monument.  At the old city of Rhodes you will go through D’Amboise Gate to walk on the Street of the Knights.  Along this stree you will find the residences of the Knights.

  • Veria (Berroia), level of difficulty (3) Half Day
  • Includes bus, guide and boat transfer.
Join  a visit to a biblical city! Travel by air conditioned coach from the port of Thessaloniki to the Citadel and Vlatadon Monastery, where St. Paul reached during his Second Missionary Journey. You will then leave Thessaloniki for a one-hour drive through the countryside to reach the city of Veria (called “Berroia” in the Bible), St. Paul’s next stop after Vlatadon – it was here that he preached to the city’s “noble Jews” – you will pay a visit to the traditional Tribune, where three in situ steps coexist with a recently finished mosaic of the Saint that commemorates this sermon.
Today Veria is the capital of the regional unit of Imathia and the largest exporter of agricultural products in the region. It may have been inhabited as early as 1000 BC.   Paul is the patron saint of Veria, which was named for one of the daughters of the mythological King Veris. Established in the foothills of Mt. Vermion, fortified Veria flourished behind its massive walls. One of the first cities to surrender to the Romans, in 168 BC, it became the area’s second most important city after Thessaloniki. During the Byzantine era many small, delicate, frescoed churches were built in the city, which came to be known as “Small Jerusalem.”
You will visit one of these immaculate churches, the Church of Christ, which was built in the early 14th century and is home to masterworks by the most famous painter of the era, Kalliergis. Under the Ottomans, Veria was an important commercial and cultural center – it was during this period that many mosques, mansions and the old market were built.   There will be time to wander and explore and shop in this marvelous ancient city before we return to the harbor at Thessaloniki.
  • Ancient Ephesus & Miletus, level of difficulty (3) Up to 12 hours
  • Includes guide, bus transfer

A spectacular day. Your first stop after leaving lovely Kusadasi is the House of the Virgin Mary on Mount Bulbul (“canary”). Prior to his crucifixion, Jesus Christ entrusted his mother to St. John the Evangelist, who took her to Ephesus and hid her in a hut at the foot of Mount Bulbul, where he brought her food and water every day. The Virgin lived here until the 101st year of her life, around 60 A.D.

In 1957 the Vatican recognized the House of the Virgin Mary as the dwelling in which the Virgin spent the final years of her life, and for the last five-and-a-half decades it has been an important pilgrimage site for Christians and Muslims. There is a fountain here whose waters are said to be therapeutic.

You will then visit St. John the Evangelist’s Basilica, a cross-shaped chapel built in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian. Modeled after the now lost Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople, it was one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages.

Your next stop is Ancient Ephesus, one of the 12 cities of Ionia. This is a stunning marvel in the hills above the Aegean coast, one of the world’s largest open-air archeological museums. Founded by the ancient Greeks circa 2000 BC, it was the wealthiest of the Ionian cities and one of the most important cultural centers in the Mediterranean. The city was dedicated to the goddess Artemis, and its Artemision, a temple in her honor, took 120 years to complete and was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Ephesus later became the second-largest city in the Roman Empire, at one time home to a quarter-million people. It was the first and most significant city in the Roman province of Asia and one of its key ports.

Millennia ago the Aegean receded west, stranding the city on its sun-seared hillsides. It is believed Paul wrote his Letter to the Ephesians here. It was the most important Christian city between Rome and Antioch.   Ephesus is rivaled only by the Forum and the Acropolis as one of the most complete classical cities in Europe, even though only 13% of the city has been uncovered!

You can wander through the Odeon and the Prytaneion, then stroll between the marble colonnades of Curetes Street to visit Trajan’s Fountain, Hadrian’s Temple, the Scholastica Baths and the astonishing Terrace Houses. Nearby, where Curetes Street becomes Marble Street, is the spectacular Library of Celsus, which has been almost entirely reconstructed, and the Agora.

Every step here takes you deeper into the Hellenistic, Roman and early-Christian eras; you’ll notice inscriptions on many of the city’s columns. The Great Theater of Ephesus, where St. Paul once preached, was carved into the side of Mt. Pion in the 4th century BC. It held up to 24,000 spectators and is still renowned for its outstanding acoustics – even today it hosts concerts and other performances.

From Ancient Ephesus your coach will drive to the Rug Village for lunch and a demonstration of traditional Turkish carpet weaving. From the Rug Village journey to the ancient city of Miletus, near the coast, which was one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the ancient Greek world. St. Paul stopped here on his Third Missionary Journey, on his way back to Jerusalem.

Miletus was located at the mouth of the River Meander, and its four harbors and strategic location made it an important port and commercial center. Miletus became the most important of the 12 cities of Ionia and was one of the first cities in the ancient world to mint coins – Homer mentions Miletus in The Iliad. The city’s fortunes declined, however, as the Meander silted up its harbor. There are many well-preserved ruins here, including a Temple of Apollo, a Byzantine church and the theater. After our tour of Miletus we return to the ship.



Day Ports Arrive Depart
Sat 8 October Piraeus, Athens, Greece 1800
Sun 9 Kusadasi, Turkey 0800 1900
Mon 10 Rhodes, Greece 0800 1800
Tue 11 Crete (Agios Nikolaos) Greece 0800 2000
Wed 12 Santorini* Greece 0700
Thu 13 Santorini* Greece 0230
Thu 13 Milos* Greece 0830 1330
Thu 13 Mykonos* Greece 1900
Fri 14 Mykonos* Greece 1900
Sat 15 Piraeus, Athens, Greece 0900 1600
Sun 16 Thessaloniki, Greece 0900 2000
Mon 17 Kavala, Greece 0800 1600
Tue 18 Istanbul, Turkey 0930 2000
Wed 19 Dikili, Turkey 1200 2000
Thu 20 Kusadasi, Turkey 0800 2330
Fri 21 Patmos* Greece 0700 1830
Sat 22 Piraeus, Athens, Greece 0600

*Ashore by tender, weather permitting

Cabin Categories

Grand Suite (SG)

Grand Suites are located on deck 11 and 12. They have a floor area of 72-74sqm (including terrace of 17-18.5sqm) and can accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth. Inside the suite there are large sliding glass doors leading out to a sea-view terrace, bathroom with a shower and separate jacuzzi bathtub, air conditioning, a 40” flat-screen HD satellite television, telephone, chilled minibar, hairdryer, safety deposit box and 24/7 room service menu always available.

This category has access to the Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge service, which, among a number of exclusive services offered in the suite, features a dedicated priority check-in counter, expedited embarkation, a dedicated dining area onboard, and express luggage delivery service including assistance with unpacking. Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge will always be available to assist guests with specific tailored service requests. This category has complimentary unlimited access to the new, exclusive Beach Club concept.

Suite (S)

Suites are located on deck 11. They have a floor area of 36,6sqm (including balcony of 6sqm) and accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth.

Inside the suite are large sliding glass doors leading out to a sea-view balcony, bathroom with a shower and separate jacuzzi bathtub, air conditioning, a 40” flat-screen HD satellite television, telephone, chilled minibar, hairdryer, safety deposit box and 24/7 room service menu always available

This category has access to the Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge service, which, among a number of exclusive services offered in the suite, features a dedicated priority check-in counter, expedited embarkation, a dedicated dining area exclusive dining area onboard, and express luggage delivery service including assistance with unpacking. Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge will always be available to assist guests with specific tailored service requests.

This category has complimentary unlimited access to the new, exclusive Beach Club concept.

Junior Balcony Suite (SJA)

SJA Junior Suites are located on deck 6 and 7. They have a floor area of 21.5sqm (including balcony of 5 sqm) and accommodate up to 2 person(s), with 2 lower beds.

Inside each junior suite there are large sliding glass doors leading out to a sea-view balcony,  bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, a 40” flat-screen HD satellite television, telephone, chilled minibar, hairdryer, safety deposit box and 24/7 room service menu always available.



Cabin with Window

Cabins with window have a floor area of 16.6sqm and can accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth.

Inside this stateroom there is a large seaview window,  bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, a 40” flat-screen HD satellite television, telephone, chilled minibar, hairdryer, safety deposit box and 24/7 room service menu always available.



Interior Cabin

Interior cabins  have a floor area of 16.6sqm and can accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth.

Inside this stateroom there is a bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, a 40” flat-screen HD satellite television, telephone, chilled minibar, hairdryer, safety deposit box and 24/7 room service menu always available.

*As a general rule, all staterooms feature single beds that can be converted to double bed, upon request. Exceptions may apply, even within the same stateroom category. Contact us for more information.



Twin Occupancy Fares (per person)
Category Type Occupancy € Fare (pp) Approx £
IB Interior Twin  €3944 £3313
XC Window Twin  €4434 £3727
XB Window – wheelchair access (on request) Twin  Please enquire
SBJ Junior Balcony Suite Twin  €5189 £4361
SB Balcony Suite Twin  €6010  £5049
SG Grand Suite with balcony (on request) Twin  Please enquire

Please enquire for single occupancy fares.

Please note, during this 14 night back to back cruise, some entertainment/activities may be repeated onboard during the second week.

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  • Thank you and your team for everything on our cruise. We enjoyed it and the dialysis was first class. And the social side with you all was a pleasure.

    Mr J Evans
  • I would just like to place on record my appreciation for the wonderful service and attention I received on my dialysis cruise round the Greek Islands.  I hope to book with you soon for another trip soon.

    Mr J Redfern
  • Just a quick note to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of the team, including the Doctor, for the wonderful cruise we just enjoyed. As usual everything went well and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Mr K Best
  • Just wanted to say thank you, the ladies really enjoyed their holiday in fact one was crying and did not want to come home. They had a great time. Thank you for your help and patience .

    Ms J Mitchell
  • Thank you for planning an excellent holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed – wish it was for another 3 days. The dialysis worked very well as we were a bit apprehensive for the first time Celebrity was great, our first time.

    Mrs N Rahim
  • Just a note to say how enjoyable the Rhine cruise was. The dialysis was both caring and sociable.

    Mr R Ward
  • Just wanted to say many thanks for the Cruise. We had a fantastic time.

    Mr P McGouran
  • “I do wish to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of your dialysis team. You’re doing a great service to those in need of it and who are keen to travel at the same time.  Your variety of ocean and river cruises gives all those who may be interested a wide choice of styles and destinations, while at the same time being able to rely on professional care and service in dialysis needs. Keep up the good work. Thank you once again”

    Mr Dominic Yau
  • Cruise was wonderful. We loved the Europa2  and Dr. Westerman was a delight to have do our dialysis sessions.

    Mrs S Pearl
  • We had a lovely holiday and have lots of pictures to remind us of where we went – they are on my screensaver already and are a very enjoyable reminder.  As you know I love these holidays. I am really grateful that I could have a holiday while on dialysis – it is so lovely to get away from home for more than a night!

    Mrs L Osborn
  • I’d just like to thank you and your professional Dialysis Team for making my first ever cruise experience so wonderful.  Starting from the time of booking, through the worst parts – waiting for the departure date to come around, right through until disembarkation.

    The paperwork, though comprehensive was clear and easy for myself and my home clinic nurses to complete, and your advice on what to pack for the expectations of the cruise liner took that stress away.

    It was good to meet everyone in your team and my compatriots for treatment so soon after embarkation and everything always felt like it was no problem and easily handled.  The dialysis team was totally professional at all times, but that was also complimented by their personalities which meant time on dialysis went quite quickly chatting etc.  The Nephrologist was extremely thorough at all times but was also quite amusing in her own way.  The Charge Nurse was a wealth of experience and definitely the glue bonding the team together and always available for everyone at all times.  The two nurses providing support were effective team players and knew their stuff.

    Being an accompanied cruise meant there was always someone about if you wanted a chat even on the excellent inclusive shore trips.  It was good to see the planning that went in to arranging dialysis sessions around these activities and the team were always looking to be flexible on start stop times.

    I will do this again in the future, need to save up a bit first, but would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

    Mr K Summerhayes
  • I wanted to tell you that it was a wonderful cruise and thank you for all the efforts you have had in respect to the dialyses.  Everything was working at the full satisfaction.

    Mr J Steinmann
  • Just a quick email to thank you very much for all your help with organising our Canary Island Cruise and dialysis on board for my mum.  Everything ran smoothly and the dialysis staff were excellent, friendly, professional and a pleasure to meet.  Hopefully we will be able to travel again using your excellent dialysis at sea service.

    Ms C Sharratt
  • I want to let you know we really enjoyed the holiday, the ship was very good and the dialysis went well.

    Mrs S Platt
  • I just wanted to send you an email and say THANK YOU so much for all your help with organising the cruise for my mum and me!  Anoop had a really good time on the cruise.  It was definitely an experience, we managed to go on the organised day trips and see new places.  Many thanks once again, I really appreciate all the help you gave me.

    Mrs A Chandhock
  • My father asked me to contact you upon his return from his recent cruise which we booked with you.  He wanted me to pass on what a great trip he had and a fantastic break.  On a personal note I would also like to thank you for your service throughout the booking and my endless enquiries.

    S Lupton
  • Trip was great and dialysis team work excellently together. Nephrologist and Charge Nurse were top notch.  Again thanks you did a great job.

    Mr R Gray
  • We arrived home safe, well and happy. You might like to know we were delighted with the whole Cruise Dialysis adventure. Apart from the impressively competent and conscientious attention of the dialysis team we both very much enjoyed their company and hope to be able to have future involvement. Rae’s health stood up very well, and she came home better than for years.

    The AmaWaterways river cruise itself was also a great pleasure, at just the right level of comfort, interest and variety without opulence. Just about everything was well suited to our needs and desires – as experienced travellers and critical customers. You would be welcome to let others who might be interested contact us in case they have any questions about customers’ experience with your system.

    R Kennedy & R Bogner
  • Just returned from a fantastic cruise. Everything was excellent and dialysis was 1st class . Have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thanks for all your help. Hope to book again as soon as unit allows. Thanks again.

    Mrs E Adrain
  • Recently my husband and I were fortunate to holiday with AmaWaterways. It was ‘The Enchanting Rhine’ cruise travelling from Basel in Switzerland to Amsterdam.  The whole holiday from start to finish was fantastic. The staff on-board couldn’t do enough to ensure we were well looked after.  The food was lovely and plentiful. The excursions were very well organised and catered for everyone. My husband had dialysis on-board which was also very well organised and arranged so no excursions were missed. The medical team were lovely and looked after my husband well.  I would thoroughly recommend this cruise and hope future travellers enjoy it as much as we did.

    Mr & Mrs K Setchfield
  • Enchanting Rhine Cruise.  This was our first cruise with AmaWaterways on Dialysis. Unbelievable staff with impeccable service and attention to every detail from beginning to the end of our cruise. Well organised excursions for all passengers from the very fit to those who needed a slower pace.  The Dialysis team was amazing – professional, efficient, caring and friendly. Thank you Lisa for all your help and support.  This cruise exceeded all our expectations.

    Mr & Mrs M Coogan
  • “We had a wonderful cruise and having dialysis on board was not a problem it worked out for all the shore trips, I had the early morning session which gave us breakfast at normal time and the rest of the day to ourselves, would have no hesitation in recommending Dialysis at Sea.”

    Mr I Dougall
  • “We returned from the Celebrity Eclipse cruise to the Western Med and wanted to let you know how smoothly the dialysis and arrangements on board went.  The dialysis staff were so attentive and friendly with back up from the cruise staff. I appreciated being able to spend some time on shore whilst my husband was well looked after.  Thank you for help and personal approach in coordinating the cruise arrangements.”

    Mr & Mrs W Banner
  • “For someone who had never been on a Sea Cruise and also being a Dialysis patient this venture was viewed with excitement but also with some degree of trepidation and worry.- Well we are back and what’s more are already looking to plan the next one. All our fears and worries quickly evaporated. The dialysis ran seamlessly.  The service provided by the caring and considerate staff and the facilities were second to none, in my opinion they were 6 star. Through out the whole journey everyone had the Can Do attitude.  It was a holiday of a lifetime. Thank you Lisa for all your help and support.  We will be back”

    Mr B Porter
  • “We had a lovely time the trips at port were just long enough for us before we had to go back onboard for dialysis.  The nurses were friendly and it was all really organised and relaxing.  Thank you”.

    Mrs R Thwaite
  • “We went on the 14 night Celebrity Eclipse cruise departing Southampton on 3rd September 2017 to Gibraltar, Lisbon etc and it was brilliant.  Everything about the trip was superb. Without exception the staff was helpful, cheerful and friendly.  The dialysis unit under Dr Dale was very efficient.  Will definitely book another cruise with you from Southampton”.

    Mr & Mrs D Tarrant
  • “An e-mail to say that we really enjoyed the Rhine cruise. The boat was good, the food nice, the company great. The dialysis went OK.  Thank you for all the arrangements and making the holiday very enjoyable.”

    Mr A Richardson
  • “Jack and I would like to thank you for organizing our very interesting holiday.  The service from the start was amazing everything went according to plan and those who were supposed to meet us were there, it made the holiday for me.  The staff on board Belvedere were always polite and pleasant.  Jack was very happy with the way the dialysis was dealt with and the doctors and nurses were very professional.  We look forward to having more holidays with you in the future.”

    Mrs A Allen
  • “As my father cannot travel around for holidays easily and enjoys going abroad we decided to try a cruise.  We would never have thought to take a wheel chair if it not been for your recommendation. Armed with a lightweight wheel chair for trips ashore we were on our way.  Father was then able to go ashore even on treatment day, and save energy for pottering around the ship later in the day.  The wheelchair has been a real boon, it features as a Zimmer frame and was so useful going round the airport, it has transformed our view on what is possible for holidays and day trips.  Dialysis treatment on board is easy and is usually fitted in for time in port.  All your booking is taken care of including treatment with medical reports sent by your unit. We have done several with another next year. It’s well worth a try.”

    Miss Y Schofield
  • “First of all  –  thank you for all your help both before and during the cruise.  We enjoyed it very much  – the Belvedere was very comfortable and the food was good.  We were also lucky with the weather  – the only rain was at Nuremberg on the last day !  The dialysis sessions worked well also.”

    Mr R Rowe