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Viva la France onboard Astor sailing from Bremerhaven, 3 September 2020, 14 nights from £2071

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation.

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation. With fine cuisine, high class entertainment, comfortable lounges and accommodation, the philosophy of the crew onboard is simply to ensure your voyage is an outstanding and memorable experience.

Please note that the Astor is sold primarily to the German market and therefore the majority of passengers onboard will be German.  The crew onboard the Astor speak German and English and you will be provided with English menus and a printed daily programme in English informing you of the days events onboard the ship and port information.  The onboard evening entertainment usually consists of various singing and dancing shows suitable for all nationalities.


09/03/20 Bremerhaven (Germany) 18:00
09/04/20 Rest at sea
09/05/20 Le Havre (France) 07:30 21:00
Le Havre is one of France’s major seaports and is located at the mouth of the Seine on the English Channel about 240 kilometers northwest of Paris.
The city was founded around the year 1500. Today, Le Havre is one of the greenest cities in France. During World War II, the city was heavily bombed and was almost completely destroyed towards the end of the war. It was rebuilt between 1945 and 1954 to plans by the architect Auguste Perret. The city center with its colored concrete architecture was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2005 as a city ensemble.
Numerous impressive museums and galleries make Le Havre an ideal base from which to explore more Normandy and visit the nearby Allied landing beaches in World War II.
09/06/20 Rouen (France) 05:00 20:30
The city on the north bank of the Seine is said to have touched many great writers and inspired many painters. The historic city center with its narrow streets has more than 700 medieval half-timbered houses. A wealth of beautiful churches, towers, fountains and historic buildings, the charming medieval town center and the Renaissance district around the cathedral have been meticulously restored, taking visitors back in time. Notre Dame Cathedral is considered one of the largest and most magnificent churches in France. The Rue du Gros-Horloge is spanned by a beautiful clock tower in the Renaissance style. The patron saint of France, Saint Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc) is omnipresent, since she was burned here in 1431 in Rouen as a witch and heretic at the stake.
09/07/20 Rest at sea
09/08/20 Brest (France) 07:30 17:00
Even the Romans called Brittany the most beautiful end of the world. Rugged cliffs, spectacular capes lapped by the strong Atlantic surf, vast heathland and inland forests, mysterious stone monuments and innumerable chapels and abbeys make Brittany one of the most beautiful regions in France, not to mention the culinary delights of Crêpes, Galettes , Seafood, Cider & Co. The Château de Brest with its Maritime Museum and the aquariums Océanopolis, which present the habitats of the Atlantic, the polar seas and the tropical waters, are among the outstanding tourist attractions of the port city of Brest.
09/09/20 Rest at sea
10/9/20 Bordeaux (France) 01:00
In and around Bordeaux (almost) everything revolves around wine. Along the famous Quay des Chartrons on the banks of the Garonne, the wine trade of the city once took its origin. The Médoc Wine Route, on a peninsula north of Bordeaux, offers beautiful views of the area’s many wineries, including major châteaux such as Margaux, Beychevelle or Pichon Longueville. In many places you can visit wineries and stop for wine tasting. The attractive area east of Bordeaux is the heart of the Merlottraube with the charming, medieval village of Saint-Émilion in the center. Winegrowing in this fertile region was introduced by the Romans and then intensified during the Middle Ages. But even Bordeaux itself is worth a visit. The historic city has many attractions, such as the 18th-century Place de la Bourse and the 15th-century Porte Cailhau, which resembles a fairytale castle. The La Grosse Cloche bell tower dates back to the Middle Ages, and the 18th-century Palais Rohan – once the palace of the archbishop – is now the town hall of Bordeaux.
11/9/20 Rest at sea 01:00
12/9/20 Nantes (France) 02:00 22:30
Nantes is the historic capital of the Dukes of Brittany and was an important port in the 18th century. The fascinating and complex city has several historic districts and is rich in museums with great art collections. In addition to gothic, renaissance and medieval times, the city architecture also has many references to the prestigious maritime past of Nantes, at sea and on the river. The Erdre River is the main entrance to the Loire Valley. The numerous manor houses and castles of the valley can be wonderfully seen during a river cruise. Since the 17th century, the Melon de Bourgogne grape has been grown exclusively on the slopes above the Sèvre Nantaise river around Nantes and produces the famous Muscadet wine.
13/9/20 Rest at sea
14/9/20 St. Malo (France) 07:30 19:00
The Breton city at the mouth of the Rance River was once home to brave explorers, such as Jacques Cartier, and exceptional writers, including Chateaubriand. St. Malo is easy to explore on foot. Explore its imposing defensive walls surrounding the city and the typical granite-stone houses with high roofs and huge chimneys. Varied excursions will introduce you to Brittany’s nature and landscape, both inland and along the breathtaking coastline, and will lead you to one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France – the medieval abbey of Mont St. Michel on top of a rocky island in the Atlantic Ocean. This area is known for its oyster farming, already in the 16th.
15/9/20 Boulogne-sur-Mer (France) 11:00 21:00
16/9/20 Rest at sea
17/9/20 Bremerhaven (Germany) 09:00

Note: In case of bad weather or sea conditions that prevent the ship from reaching a planned port, alternative arrangements will be made as far as possible.

Anchor iconShip is at anchor, ashore by tender boat
* Technical stop, guests can not go ashore

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  • Thank you and your team for everything on our cruise. We enjoyed it and the dialysis was first class. And the social side with you all was a pleasure.

    Mr J Evans
  • I would just like to place on record my appreciation for the wonderful service and attention I received on my dialysis cruise round the Greek Islands.  I hope to book with you soon for another trip soon.

    Mr J Redfern
  • Just a quick note to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of the team, including the Doctor, for the wonderful cruise we just enjoyed. As usual everything went well and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Mr K Best
  • Just wanted to say thank you, the ladies really enjoyed their holiday in fact one was crying and did not want to come home. They had a great time. Thank you for your help and patience .

    Ms J Mitchell
  • Thank you for planning an excellent holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed – wish it was for another 3 days. The dialysis worked very well as we were a bit apprehensive for the first time Celebrity was great, our first time.

    Mrs N Rahim