Cruise Dialysis

Valparaiso to Tahiti onboard Europa2 sailing from Valparaiso, 19 November 2021, 14 days from £6185

All the promises of a yacht and the serenity of a small resort: onboard the Europa2, you can enjoy the highest level of...

All the promises of a yacht and the serenity of a small resort: onboard the EUROPA2, you can enjoy the highest level of service and enjoyment.  This is a truly special ship offering the highest level of casual luxury and a maximum of 500 guests. The ship has been awarded the best ship in the World according to the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2019.

Freedom that takes you places is the philosophy that is part of every moment on the EUROPA2.  As unconstrained and individual as your lifestyle, as luxurious and stylish as you expect.  While the EUROPA2 takes you to the World’s most beautiful places, you will experience the symbiosis of elegance, aesthetics and perfection.

The EUROPA2 combines wonderful service with special moments and relaxation, giving you the freedom to make your dreams come true – in style, unforced and personal.

The EUROPA2 continues to raise the bar offering itineraries with diverse routes, exciting regions, events and great moments to turn every cruise into an unforgettable memory.

All accommodation onboard the EUROPA2 comprises of Suites with Balcony.


Friday, 19.11.2021

Valparaiso/Chile, departure 23.00 hrs

You will join the EUROPA 2 in the Chilean port city.

Saturday, 20.11.2021

Relaxation at sea

Sunday, 21.11.2021

Robinson Crusoe Island (tender port)/Juan Fernandez Archipelago/Chile (subject to weather conditions) , 8.00 – 14.00 hrs

This island got its name from the sailor Alexander Selkirk, who was marooned on the uninhabited island in 1704 after falling out with his pirate captain. The author Daniel Defoe drew on this real-life event to write the story of his famous hero Robinson Crusoe. Explore the idyllic hiking routes independently.

Monday, 22.11.2021 to
Wednesday, 24.11.2021

Relaxation at sea

Thursday, 25.11.2021

Hanga Roa (tender port)/Easter Island/Chile (subject to weather conditions) , arrival 12.00 hrs

Mysterious Easter Island is surrounded by many myths and legends. Discover the volcano of Rano Raraku* and the moai statues* that reach heights of up to 20 metres on the steep slopes. After a hike* from Ahu Tahai to Ahu Akivi, discover the ruined sacred places and lava caves that served as homes and hiding places for the population, as well as the Ahu Akivi altar on the extinct volcano Maunga Terevaka. Alternatively, you can gain a fascinating insight into the culture and religion of the local people and find out all you need to know about the old birdman cult* in the ceremonial village of Orongo.

Friday, 26.11.2021

Hanga Roa , departure 17.00 hrs

Saturday, 27.11.2021 to
Sunday, 28.11.2021

Relaxation at sea

Monday, 29.11.2021

Bounty Bay (tender port)/Pitcairn/Pitcairn Islands/Great Britain (subject to weather conditions) , 8.00 – 16.00 hrs

Pitcairn is the only inhabited island of the archipelago and rose to fame through the mutiny on the Bounty. Plan your own perfect day and trace the story at the museum where the bible from the Bounty is on display. Alternatively, you can visit the last preserved grave of a mutineer at the old cemetery.

Tuesday, 30.11.2021 to
Wednesday, 01.12.2021

Relaxation at sea

Thursday, 02.12.2021

Papeete/Tahiti/Society Islands/French Polynesia, arrival 14.00 hrs
Overnight stay on board

The lively capital of French Polynesia invites you to take a stroll along the bustling Boulevard Pomare. Take a trip across the island in an off-road vehicle* and venture into the Papenoo Valley with its exotic flowers, tropical plants and thundering waterfalls. A catamaran trip* will show you the most beautiful side of the South Seas, while you enjoy the turquoise water and the coral reef. After one final night on board, your cruise on the EUROPA 2 comes to an end here.

Friday, 03.12.2021


 * The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to change.

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  • Thank you and your team for everything on our cruise. We enjoyed it and the dialysis was first class. And the social side with you all was a pleasure.

    Mr J Evans
  • I would just like to place on record my appreciation for the wonderful service and attention I received on my dialysis cruise round the Greek Islands.  I hope to book with you soon for another trip soon.

    Mr J Redfern
  • Just a quick note to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of the team, including the Doctor, for the wonderful cruise we just enjoyed. As usual everything went well and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Mr K Best
  • Just wanted to say thank you, the ladies really enjoyed their holiday in fact one was crying and did not want to come home. They had a great time. Thank you for your help and patience .

    Ms J Mitchell
  • Thank you for planning an excellent holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed – wish it was for another 3 days. The dialysis worked very well as we were a bit apprehensive for the first time Celebrity was great, our first time.

    Mrs N Rahim