Cruise Dialysis

Norway & North Cape onboard Astor 23 May 2017

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation.

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation. With fine cuisine, high class entertainment, comfortable lounges and accommodation, the philosophy of the crew onboard is simply to ensure your voyage is an outstanding and memorable experience.

Norway & North Cape in the glow of the midnight sun Image 1

23/5/17 Bremerhaven (Germany) 16:00
24/5/17 Recreation at sea
25/5/17 Country by launch or tenderVik (Norway) 08:00 09:00
25/5/17 Country by launch or tenderFlam (Norway) 13:00 18:00
26/5/17 Alesund (Norway) 13:30 20:00
27/5/17 Recreation at sea
28/5/17 Leknes, Lofoten (Norway) 07:00 14:00
28/5/17 Raftsundpassage
29/5/17 passage North Cape
29/5/17 North Cape, Honningsvåg (Norway) 19:00 23:30
30/5/17 Tromso (Norway) 12:30 18:00
31/5/17 Recreation at sea
06/01/17 Hellesylt (Norway) 10:00 10:30
06/01/17 Country by launch or tenderGeiranger (Norway) 13:00 18:30
06/02/17 Bergen (Norway) 12:00 19:00
06/03/17 Recreation at sea
06/04/17 Bremerhaven (Germany) 08:00

Anchor IconNote that prevent the ship from reaching a planned port in bad weather or sea conditions, as far as possible made ​​alternative provisions.

Ship lies at anchor * Technical stop, guests can not go ashore

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  • “I do wish to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of your dialysis team. You’re doing a great service to those in need of it and who are keen to travel at the same time.  Your variety of ocean and river cruises gives all those who may be interested a wide choice of styles and destinations, while at the same time being able to rely on professional care and service in dialysis needs. Keep up the good work. Thank you once again”

    Mr Dominic Yau
  • Cruise was wonderful. We loved the Europa2  and Dr. Westerman was a delight to have do our dialysis sessions.

    Mrs S Pearl
  • We had a lovely holiday and have lots of pictures to remind us of where we went – they are on my screensaver already and are a very enjoyable reminder.  As you know I love these holidays. I am really grateful that I could have a holiday while on dialysis – it is so lovely to get away from home for more than a night!

    Mrs L Osborn
  • I’d just like to thank you and your professional Dialysis Team for making my first ever cruise experience so wonderful.  Starting from the time of booking, through the worst parts – waiting for the departure date to come around, right through until disembarkation.

    The paperwork, though comprehensive was clear and easy for myself and my home clinic nurses to complete, and your advice on what to pack for the expectations of the cruise liner took that stress away.

    It was good to meet everyone in your team and my compatriots for treatment so soon after embarkation and everything always felt like it was no problem and easily handled.  The dialysis team was totally professional at all times, but that was also complimented by their personalities which meant time on dialysis went quite quickly chatting etc.  The Nephrologist was extremely thorough at all times but was also quite amusing in her own way.  The Charge Nurse was a wealth of experience and definitely the glue bonding the team together and always available for everyone at all times.  The two nurses providing support were effective team players and knew their stuff.

    Being an accompanied cruise meant there was always someone about if you wanted a chat even on the excellent inclusive shore trips.  It was good to see the planning that went in to arranging dialysis sessions around these activities and the team were always looking to be flexible on start stop times.

    I will do this again in the future, need to save up a bit first, but would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

    Mr K Summerhayes
  • I wanted to tell you that it was a wonderful cruise and thank you for all the efforts you have had in respect to the dialyses.  Everything was working at the full satisfaction.

    Mr J Steinmann