Cruise Dialysis

Iberia & Islands onboard Astor sailing from Bremerhaven, 15 April 2020, 17 nights from £2325

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation.

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation. With fine cuisine, high class entertainment, comfortable lounges and accommodation, the philosophy of the crew onboard is simply to ensure your voyage is an outstanding and memorable experience.

Please note that the Astor is sold primarily to the German market and therefore the majority of passengers onboard will be German.  The crew onboard the Astor speak German and English and you will be provided with English menus and a printed daily programme in English informing you of the days events onboard the ship and port information.  The onboard evening entertainment usually consists of various singing and dancing shows suitable for all nationalities.


15/4/20 Bremerhaven (Germany) 11:30 18:00
16/4/20 Rest at sea
17/4/20 Rest at sea
18/4/20 Larne (Belfast) (United Kingdom) 10:00 18:00
The port city of Larne in the County of Antrim is located 35 km north of the Northern Irish capital Belfast, in the ultra-modern building complex “Titanic Belfast” the golden era of the city and the legendary history of the disastrous luxury liner, which was built in the Belfast shipyard Harland & Wolff To be awakened to life. Wonderful scenery and nature impressions can be experienced at the impressive Giant’s Causeway. The UNESCO World Heritage Site on the rugged Antrim Coast is made up of unique basalt formations and is one of Northern Ireland’s biggest visitor magnets.
19/4/20 Leixões (Porto) (Portugal) 09:00 16:00
Just north of the Douro estuary is Leixões, one of Portugal’s main seaports and gate to Porto. The excursions offered represent the second largest city in the country, known all over the world as the producer of tasty port wine. A drive on the Douro allows a different perspective on the city, whose dark buildings appear nested along the narrow lanes of the street. In Porto’s São Bento station, the traditional tiles tell the story of Portugal. The tram museum provides interesting insights into the world of this classic and often preferred means of transport.
20/4/20 Rest at sea
21/4/20 Country by launch or tenderFunchal, Madeira (Portugal) 10:00 18:00
Located in a magnificent natural amphitheater and overlooking the wide bay, Funchal presents itself as a sympathetic capital of the beautiful and dramatic island of Madeira. The port is very central, and at the entrance, the flowery white houses with the red tiled roofs that descend on the green mountain slopes, provide an unforgettable sight. A modern cable car floats over the bustling city up to Monte, the starting point of Madeira’s famous wicker sledge rides. Wicker baskets, embroidery and the tasty Madeira wine are popular souvenirs from the impressive island – “the floating garden in the Atlantic”.
22/4/20 Santa Cruz de La Palma (Spain) 14:00 23:59
The mountainous volcanic island of La Palma is the geologically youngest island in the Canary Islands and is considered a paradise for hikers. With large beaches missing, it has been spared from mass tourism, and many places have retained their original character and charm. The primal forces of nature become clear through the many craters, ash fields and lava flows along the volcanic route on the Cumbre Vieja, the nearly 2,000 meter high and about 14 kilometer long volcanic chain in the south of the island. In the center of the island is the huge crater of the Caldera de Taburiente with a circumference of almost 30 kilometers. The crater rim in the north, called Roque des los Muchachos, is at 2,424 meters the highest point of the island. The area has been a national park since the 1960s and also hosts a major observatory.
23/4/20 San Sebastián de La Gomera (Spain) 07:00 20:00
Geographically Africa, politically belonging to Europe, Gomera is only a stone’s throw away from the African coast at only 150 km. Of the 7 main islands of the Canary archipelago, Gomera is the second smallest Canary Island with 373 km2. In the 1970s, Gomera was known as the Hippie Island. Meanwhile, the picture has changed, but the island is still considered an alternative destination. Most vacationers come because of the breathtaking nature. Wild and rugged landscapes shape the image of the island. The central massif of the Garajonay measures at the highest point 1,487 meters. Grandiose canyons, called Barrancos, run through the whole island from here to the sea.
24/4/20 Santarem (Brazil) 07:00 17:00
Santarém lies at the confluence of the Rio Tapajós and the Amazon. Its origins go back to the Indio village of Tapajós. Later, the place was colonized by the Portuguese, and today Santarém is the second largest city in the Brazilian state of Pará.
Just outside the city, the clear, blue-green waters of the Tapajós meet the ocher brown waters of the Amazon River and flow side by side for miles without mixing. The area around Santarém is characterized by swamps, savannah and by the Iguapos, the forests flooded during the rainy season.
25/4/20 Rest at sea
26/4/20 Casablanca (Morocco) 06:00 20:00
The cosmopolitan city of Casablanca is located on the west coast of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest metropolis in Morocco and has an emerging tourism industry. Modernity mixes with the traditional. Casablanca can undoubtedly be called a cultural melting pot with distinct African, Arab and European influences. The many parks, fountains and remarkable Art Deco architecture all date back to the time of the French protectorate, which made the city its administrative headquarters in the early 20th century. Highlights of the city include the imposing Hassan II Mosque, whose minaret is the tallest structure in the country, Moorish architecture, and bright white 1930s buildings.
27/4/20 Portimao (Portugal) 12:00 20:00
Located at the mouth of the Rio Arade, the former fishing village of Portimão is now the second largest city in the Portuguese Algarve. The popular coastal town has a busy harbor, guarded by two fortresses. Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church is Portimão’s most historic building. It was rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake that destroyed large parts of the city. Along the riverside are beautiful squares, well-frequented restaurants and inviting cafés. The pedestrian-only streets Rua Diogo Tomé and Rua da Portades de São José have shops that sell lace, jewelery, ceramics and souvenirs.
28/4/20 Lisbon (Portugal) 09:00 18:00
In Lisbon, the beautiful capital of Portugal, you will find the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery, the ornate Torre de Belém, the Tejo bridge Ponte de 25 Abril and the imposing explorer monument. Stroll through the labyrinth of narrow streets in the charming old town of Alfama and discover the city on one of the famous old trams.
29/4/20 Rest at sea
30/4/20 Rest at sea
05/01/20 Rest at sea
05/02/20 Bremerhaven (Germany) 08:30

Note: In case of bad weather or sea conditions that prevent the ship from reaching a planned port, alternative arrangements will be made as far as possible.

Anchor iconShip is at anchor, ashore by tender boat.
* Technical stop, guests can not go ashore

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  • Thank you and your team for everything on our cruise. We enjoyed it and the dialysis was first class. And the social side with you all was a pleasure.

    Mr J Evans
  • I would just like to place on record my appreciation for the wonderful service and attention I received on my dialysis cruise round the Greek Islands.  I hope to book with you soon for another trip soon.

    Mr J Redfern
  • Just a quick note to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of the team, including the Doctor, for the wonderful cruise we just enjoyed. As usual everything went well and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Mr K Best
  • Just wanted to say thank you, the ladies really enjoyed their holiday in fact one was crying and did not want to come home. They had a great time. Thank you for your help and patience .

    Ms J Mitchell
  • Thank you for planning an excellent holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed – wish it was for another 3 days. The dialysis worked very well as we were a bit apprehensive for the first time Celebrity was great, our first time.

    Mrs N Rahim