Cruise Dialysis

Hamburg to Hamburg onboard Europa2 sailing from Hamburg, July 29, 2018

All the promises of a yacht and the serenity of a small resort: onboard the Europa2, you can enjoy the highest level of...

All the promises of a yacht and the serenity of a small resort: onboard the Europa2, you can enjoy the highest level of service and enjoyment.  This is a truly special ship offering the highest level of casual luxury and a maximum of 500 guests. The ship has been awarded the coveted distinction of 5-stars-plus by the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2016.

The EUROPA2 combines wonderful service with special moments and relaxation, giving you the freedom to make your dreams come true – in style, unforced and personal.

The EUROPA2 continues to raise the bar offering 2017 itineraries with diverse routes, exciting regions, events and great moments to turn every cruise into an unforgettable memory.

All accommodation onboard the Europa 2 comprises of Suites with Balcony.


Sun, 29.07.2018


Your cruise on the EUROPA 2 starts and ends in Hamburg.

Mon, 30.07.2018

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 31.07.2018

Lerwick/Mainland/Shetland Islands/Great Britain , 7.00 – 14.00 hrs

Welcome to Scotland! Grey stone houses and the old towers of Scottish barons on the hills, Shetland ponies grazing in the meadows, and the legacy of Vikings and Stone Age people everywhere you turn – for example, at prehistoric Jarlshof*. Alternatively, enjoy the almost unbelievable beauty of the landscape on an island tour*.

Wed, 01.08.2018

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 02.08.2018

Reykjavik/Iceland, 8.00 – 20.00 hrs

Iceland’s nature is mystical, untouched and unforgettable in its impressive extremes. With its casual Scandinavian feel, Reykjavik is ideally situated for an excursion to the Golden Circle* – Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park – and for a thrilling ride* on gentle Icelandic horses.

Fri, 03.08.2018
– Sun, 05.08.2018

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 06.08.2018
– Wed, 08.08.2018

Spitsbergen/Norway , arrival 8.00 hrs
(landings and cruising dependent on weather and ice conditions, e.g. Ny-Alesund, Moellerhafen, Monaco Glacier, Moffen, Barentsburg, Longyearbyen), departure 19.00 hrs

This unique archipelago in the polar sea is home to 2,600 people and 1,000 polar bears. Look forward to three days of unsurpassed natural spectacle and intensive wildlife sightings. Visit a Russian Arctic station or use the world’s northernmost post office.

Thu, 09.08.2018

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 10.08.2018

Skarsvag/Norway , 19.00 – 23.00 hrs

Where the Arctic Ocean begins and Europe ends, the north becomes one stunning event: from the North Cape plateau*, you will have a spectacular panoramic view of the Arctic Ocean. And if you wish, you can celebrate this extraordinary moment with an ice-cold drink in the rock bar.

Sat, 11.08.2018

Tromsoe/Norway, 12.00 – 19.00 hrs

The picturesque, small harbour town is the starting point for numerous polar expeditions presented in the Polaria centre*, including a simulated snowstorm. Gain another unusual insight into life on the ice when you visit the Albrigtsen family*, internationally renowned husky breeders.

Sun, 12.08.2018

Svolvaer/Lofoten Islands/Norway , 13.00 – 19.00 hrs

With its picturesque fishing villages and very special light, the “stockfish archipelago” is a magnet for artists. Visit one of the Nordic galleries* and an ice bar*, where you can enjoy a drink at –5 °C while wrapped up warm.

Mon, 13.08.2018

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 14.08.2018

Geiranger/Geirangerfjord/Norway , 8.00 – 15.00 hrs

Norway’s most famous fjord stretches 15 km (9 mi.) inland and is surrounded by steep rock faces up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft) in height. Marvel at the view from your private veranda, explore the fjord ashore* or kayak* to the famous “Seven Sisters” waterfalls – an unforgettable natural experience!

Ride a Renault Twizy eco-mobile on various audio-guided routes through the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wed, 15.08.2018

Bergen/Norway, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

A lovely coastal city between the polar world and modern Scandinavia: a hiking tour* on foot and by mountain railway will take you to the local mountain Floeyen. Or explore the Hanseatic quarter of Bryggen*, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thu, 16.08.2018

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 17.08.2018

Hamburg/Germany, arrival 5.00 hrs
Individual travel arrangements from cruise arrival point

In Hamburg, you will take your leave of the EUROPA 2.

* The pre- and post-cruise programmes and shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to change.

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  • I’d just like to thank you and your professional Dialysis Team for making my first ever cruise experience so wonderful.  Starting from the time of booking, through the worst parts – waiting for the departure date to come around, right through until disembarkation.

    The paperwork, though comprehensive was clear and easy for myself and my home clinic nurses to complete, and your advice on what to pack for the expectations of the cruise liner took that stress away.

    It was good to meet everyone in your team and my compatriots for treatment so soon after embarkation and everything always felt like it was no problem and easily handled.  The dialysis team was totally professional at all times, but that was also complimented by their personalities which meant time on dialysis went quite quickly chatting etc.  The Nephrologist was extremely thorough at all times but was also quite amusing in her own way.  The Charge Nurse was a wealth of experience and definitely the glue bonding the team together and always available for everyone at all times.  The two nurses providing support were effective team players and knew their stuff.

    Being an accompanied cruise meant there was always someone about if you wanted a chat even on the excellent inclusive shore trips.  It was good to see the planning that went in to arranging dialysis sessions around these activities and the team were always looking to be flexible on start stop times.

    I will do this again in the future, need to save up a bit first, but would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks for a wonderful holiday.

    Mr K Summerhayes
  • I wanted to tell you that it was a wonderful cruise and thank you for all the efforts you have had in respect to the dialyses.  Everything was working at the full satisfaction.

    Mr J Steinmann
  • Just a quick email to thank you very much for all your help with organising our Canary Island Cruise and dialysis on board for my mum.  Everything ran smoothly and the dialysis staff were excellent, friendly, professional and a pleasure to meet.  Hopefully we will be able to travel again using your excellent dialysis at sea service.

    Ms C Sharratt
  • I want to let you know we really enjoyed the holiday, the ship was very good and the dialysis went well.

    Mrs S Platt
  • I just wanted to send you an email and say THANK YOU so much for all your help with organising the cruise for my mum and me!  Anoop had a really good time on the cruise.  It was definitely an experience, we managed to go on the organised day trips and see new places.  Many thanks once again, I really appreciate all the help you gave me.

    Mrs A Chandhock