Cruise Dialysis

Greenland & Iceland onboard Astor sailing from Bremerhaven, Germany, 1 July 2019, 23 nights

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation.

Carrying only 600 passengers, the Astor provides guests with an intimate environment ideal for relaxation. With fine cuisine, high class entertainment, comfortable lounges and accommodation, the philosophy of the crew onboard is simply to ensure your voyage is an outstanding and memorable experience.


01/07/19 Bremerhaven (Germany) 18:00
02/07/19 Rest at sea
03/07/19 Rest at sea
04/07/19 Eskifjörður (Iceland) 8:00 15:00
05/07/19 Viewing OnlyCruising in the Eyjafjord (Iceland)
05/07/19 Akureyri (Iceland) 09:00 8:00 pm
Akureyri is located at the end of the 60 kilometer long Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in Iceland. The capital of the north was founded as a trading post and today presents itself as an attractive city with colorful houses and manicured gardens. Here you will find both the northernmost botanical garden in the world and the northernmost golf course in the world. The focus of the excursions offered is on the exceptional nature and landscape of Iceland, such as the pseudo craters of Skutastadir, the surreal lava formations at Dimmuborgir, the bird paradise Mývatn and the impressive, crescent-shaped waterfall Goðafoss. Visiting the Laufas open-air museum or the Mývatn Nature Baths, Iceland’s newest thermal spa, are relaxing alternatives.
06/07/19 Viewing OnlyPassage Denmark street
07/07/19 Country by launch or tenderTasiilaq, Ammassalik (Greenland) 30.6 11:00
Tasiilaq, formerly Ammassalik, is a city in the district of Sermersooq in southeastern Greenland. With its approximately 2,000 inhabitants, it is the most populated settlement on the Greenland east coast.
Not far below the Arctic Circle, Tasiilaq presents itself as a picturesque and idyllic place, with houses in traditionally bright colors, with a magnificent backdrop of babbling brooks and mountains with snow-capped peaks.
The region has a unique flora and fauna as well as beautiful scenery that can be discovered in the summer months on a variety of trails and trails. On the way there are always fantastic views, especially from Tasiilaqs Cairn, which was inaugurated in 1944 for the 50th birthday of the city.
07/07/19 Viewing OnlyCruising in the Skjoldungenfjord
08/07/19 Passage Prince Christian Sund (Germany)
09/07/19 Viewing OnlyPassage Davisstraße (Greenland)
09/07/01 Nuuk (Greenland) 17:15 21:00
09/07/19 Nuuk (Greenland) 17:15 21:00
10/7/19 Cross the Arctic Circle
10/7/19 Sisimiut (Greenland) 12:30 17:30
11/7/19 Country by launch or tenderUummannaq (Greenland) 14:00 8:00 pm
12/7/19 Cruising in the Disco Bay (Denmark)
12/7/19 Country by launch or tenderIlulissat (Greenland) 16:30
13/7/19 Country by launch or tenderIlulissat (Greenland) 23:59
14/7/19 Country by launch or tenderQeqertarsuaq, Disko Island (Greenland) 30.5 18:00
15/7/19 Rest at sea
16/7/19 Country by launch or tenderQaqortoq (Greenland) 11:30 8:00 pm
Qaqortoq, the largest city in South Greenland, was founded in 1775 by the Norwegian merchant Anders Olsen. However, the area was permanently settled long before. The trail goes back to the Saqqaq tribe, whose tools and artefacts found there are estimated to be over 4,300 years old. Qaqortoq used to call the name Julianehåb in honor of Queen Juliana Maria of Denmark. Even today, the city still has some architectural examples from the Danish colonial era. Qaqortoq is considered to be the most charming city in Greenland with a beautiful center and a small square adorned by the country’s oldest fountain. Inspired by the famous Greenlandic artist Aka Hoegh, several artists have created the project “Stone and Man” here. Sculptures of ram’s heads,
17/7/19 Passage Cape Farvel (Denmark)
18/7/19 Rest at sea
19/7/19 Country by launch or tenderÍsafjoerður (Iceland) 6:00 am 16:00
Located just below the Arctic Circle, Ísafjörður is the largest city in the Icelandic region of the Westfjords. It is located on a pebble headland that feeds the Skutulsfjörður fjord and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Only three roads lead out of the city and all three pass through tunnels. The Maritime Museum traces the life and history of the settlement back to its beginnings. The fishing was and is the main source of income in the region. The Westfjords are a paradise for nature lovers, and a popular excursion leads to the magical island of Vigur, home to a large colony of eider ducks, alongside a huge population of other birds.
20/7/19 Reykjavík (Iceland) 6:00 am 18:00
The Icelandic capital has a very idiosyncratic character, partly Old Norse, partly very modern. Despite the fact that half of all Icelanders live in Reykjavík, it is one of the smallest capitals in the world. In the oldest part of the city, one encounters mosaics, murals and sculptures, and brightly colored houses with tin roofs are guarded by the towering Hallgrímskirche. The popular classic amongst the optional, varied and exciting excursions offers vast lava fields, a dramatic, historic gorge, bubbling mud springs, thunderous waterfalls and water-spouting geysers all in one. Another, very nice trip, allows a relaxing dip in the geothermal waters of the famous Blue Lagoon.
21/7/19 Country by launch or tenderHeimaey, Westman Islands (Iceland) 6:00 am 11:45
Heimaey is not only the largest of the 15 islands of the Westman archipelago off the south coast of Iceland, but also the only inhabited one. On 23 January, without warning, a volcano erupted on the city boundary next to Mount Helgafell, forcing its residents to leave their homes and move to safety on the mainland. Fortunately, the entire fishing fleet was in the harbor to evacuate the islanders and, surprisingly, not a single death was to be lamented. Six months later, when the volcano was extinguished, most of the residents returned and began rebuilding their homes on an island that has gained one fifth of its original size from the lava flows.
22/7/19 Rest at sea
23/7/19 Rest at sea
24/7/19 Bremerhaven (Germany) 11:30

Note: In case of bad weather or sea conditions that prevent the ship from reaching a planned port, alternative arrangements will be made as far as possible.

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* Technical stop, guests can not go ashore

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  • Thank you and your team for everything on our cruise. We enjoyed it and the dialysis was first class. And the social side with you all was a pleasure.

    Mr J Evans
  • I would just like to place on record my appreciation for the wonderful service and attention I received on my dialysis cruise round the Greek Islands.  I hope to book with you soon for another trip soon.

    Mr J Redfern
  • Just a quick note to thank you, the Charge Nurse and the rest of the team, including the Doctor, for the wonderful cruise we just enjoyed. As usual everything went well and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Mr K Best
  • Just wanted to say thank you, the ladies really enjoyed their holiday in fact one was crying and did not want to come home. They had a great time. Thank you for your help and patience .

    Ms J Mitchell
  • Thank you for planning an excellent holiday which we thoroughly enjoyed – wish it was for another 3 days. The dialysis worked very well as we were a bit apprehensive for the first time Celebrity was great, our first time.

    Mrs N Rahim