Cruise Dialysis

Onboard Dialysis

FoDialysis Nurser each cruise there is a dedicated dialysis unit onboard each ship where your dialysis treatments will take place.  You will be cared for from the beginning to the end of your cruise by a qualified Nephrologist and nurses who will be on board for the duration of your cruise.

Before you go on your cruise we will obtain information from your dialysis unit so we know all about your dialysis treatment requirements.

The dedicated dialysis team will look after you during your cruise and can be contacted 24 hours per day.

Payment & Reimbursement for Dialysis Sessions

For UK Residents : We are very pleased to announce that following a meeting between NHS England, the BKPA and Lisa Parnell of Cruise Dialysis, NHS England has chosen to exercise its discretionary rights to partially reimburse the cost of healthcare onboard cruise ships subject to certain conditions:-

If the majority of ports visited during your cruise are within the European Economic Area (EEA) (or a country with which the NHS has formal healthcare agreements, ie, those covered under Article 56 or those countries with which England has bilateral agreements) then you will be reimbursed the amount of the National Tariff.

We understand the amount of the reimbursement is around £150 – £170 per dialysis session however your dialysis unit will be able to confirm the exact amount.  If you or your dialysis unit require further information regarding this reimbursement please contact Mr Ian Wren at NHS England, email:

Further information about the policy can be viewed by clicking on the following links:-
Commissioning Policy, Dialysis Away From Base
Dialysis Away from Base, Frequently Asked Questions

Once the UK leaves the EU the above information may change.  Please check with your Dialysis Unit.

For Residents of Wales : The Health Commission Wales may meet the cost of your dialysis onboard, please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator.

For Residents of Scotland : Your dialysis unit may meet the cost of your dialysis sessions, please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator.

For Residents of Northern Ireland : Patients will be reimbursed up to the equivalent cost of their dialysis in their ‘home’ unit.

For Residents of Southern Ireland : Please check with your Holiday Dialysis Co-ordinator or your private medical insurance.

For Overseas Residents : Please check with your Dialysis Unit.

Please note dialysis places onboard are limited to a maximum of 12-16 patients therefore if you do wish to make a booking please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Cost of Dialysis Sessions

Europa2 : €299 EURO (approx. £251) per session

CroisiEurope : $622 USD (approx £475) per session

Celestyal Cruises : $622 USD (approx £475) per session

Celebrity, Royal Caribbean : $720 USD (approx. £549) per session


Many patients apply to Kidney Care UK (previously British Kidney Patient Association) for a grant towards the cost of their holiday.

To apply for a grant please visit the Kidney Care UK website by clicking on the logo below  or contact a member of your kidney care team.

If the staff in your dialysis unit are unable to help, the Kidney Care UK advocacy officers can be contacted by calling the main Kidney Care UK telephone number: 01420 541424 or emailing